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Oh My God This is So Ephemeral, Just Like Me and.. by PonderHope
Oh My God This is So Ephemeral, Just Like Me and..
You. Just Like Me and You. Just Like Me and You.

Lately I have felt very mute, very unable to communicate with others. So I've been communicating through my art.

5 units of rubber latex, acrylic, foam, hot glue, nails, wire

121.92 cm x 111.76 cm x 17.78 cm
Ephemeral Study by PonderHope
Ephemeral Study
 Preserved moss

59.69 cm x 8.636 cm

Dealing with ephemeral materials. Because like human beings, everything is ephemeral. We all rot and go away in the end. Our particles may be restored, but they may come a time when we and everything as we know it is lost. 

Installation WIP by PonderHope
Installation WIP
Full title: Oh My God This is So Ephemeral, Just Like Me and You, Just Like Me and You, Just Like Me and You 


UML Sculpture I
Spring 2015

5 units of rubber latex, acrylic, foam, hot glue, wire 
Dimensions unknown 
Installation Study by PonderHope
Installation Study
I set this up yesterday. I've finally started to assemble the separate units together into one installation. I see myself adding more units onto it, but so far this is what I have.

3 units of rubber latex
Dimensions unknown 
This existence might not be real. And time itself might not be real. But the electrical signals in my brain and the particles in motion, and all the matter that encompasses my sense of touch…has to be real. And these orgasms and kisses and the blood that pours out of my veins…has to be real. And cum, glass, steel, and all the metals that have forged my soul…have to be real, and they all have to be able to be felt with my heart and mind. My mind has to be real.

I'll see that time heals this, and everything in the end, when everything all comes to a close. My current existence is one of a loner or a recluse, at least it feels that way. But I don't have to stay that way, as much as it is romanticized, or as much as I romanticize it.
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Providence
  • Reading: The Thermodynamics of Plastic Deformation
It's still snowing. Living at home gets boring after a while, but maybe it's just the snow and the unrelenting winter. Three things currently bring me peace: Tea, films, and Gordon Ramsay. Especially Hell's Kitchen. It's a way to pass the time. Other things probably bring me peace too. But mainly those three. I also find peace in research of physics, in particular thermodynamics, which I've been trying to teach myself lately. I find peace in watching films in the dark. Films require certain environments and mindsets in order to be enjoyed to the fullest.
I'm just writing this because I feel like it. Tea keeps my soul warm and film makes me think. And Hell's Kitchen brings a smile to my face. I just shot a roll of film. 35mm black and white using a Minolta camera. Well I shot the film last night. 

I had my portfolio review though. And I'm hoping that it went over well. I also toured the college that I'm hoping to transfer to in the fall. I brought all my sculpting materials home too. Rubber latex, wire, and foam. I started sculpting a little bit, well um sort of. I want to test how one's environment affects the materials and the eventual output of one's artwork. What I mean is, I'd like to see if one's environment affects ones artwork. Environments can affect feelings. And feelings can affect art. Therefore one's environment may be able to do the same. 

My dad has always told me that I'm not going to be a physicist or an engineer. But I do want to find out how things work. I highly doubt engineering schools are looking for sculptors.
  • Mood: Winter Downs
  • Listening to: Secret Chiefs 3 - Lapsit Exillis
  • Reading: The Thermodynamics of Plastic Deformation
  • Watching: Pi, The Wicker Man, Repulsion, Hell's Kitchen
  • Drinking: Lemon Tea


Jonah Asher Feintuck
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