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It's a d    o    o    r.
                wheres          l
                           doors   e
The end of a cliff?
Into your arms?
The jaws of a man-eating shark?
All I know is that sometimes it can be better to turn the lights off.

Portals can lead to love but can also lead to misfortune.

                Olympus is to banquet as Centralia is to No Mans Land.

Ships lost at sea while my mind stares back
at me.
Only parrots hold hands
in my wretched fucking dreams.

                               Sleep is to sarcophagus as
                               the beach is to valleys.
              Eruptions, explosions, coagulations and
                Always the birds count down to my fucking destruction.
The          chirps
     sweet           of
            blue        exists
                    that          as a
                                           c      r   eeping
                                     r e m i nder
                                     o    f
                                      l    o   s   t
                                      in   the
                                      n      i   g  h  t

Cute loves.
.sevol etuc

Aren't you a lovely specimen?
                in my nightmares.
                                            But is it a nightmare with you?
                           ran through that
                         I                           dark
                    as                                     library
        dreams             I find
  my                                  myself
In                                                  thinking
                                of what
                                            may happen
                                 like an unfortunate
a dark         in
Four thumb limit! Comment for comment! I want to see what other sculptors here have come up with! 

Some Sort of Longevity by PonderHope Oh My God This is So Ephemeral, Just Like Me and.. by PonderHope
Ephemeral Study by PonderHope Alluding to a Sculptural Future by PonderHope
Some Sort of Longevity by PonderHope
Some Sort of Longevity

Last sculpture of the semester and the only non-installation piece that I made all semester for the class. This piece really renewed my confidence in wire armatures and use of wire as a supplemental medium.

As our eye travels around the spiral, a narrative can be read.

Wax, wire

198.12 cm x 25.4 cm x 27.94 cm

I haven't updated in months. It's decided that I'm not returning to my current university in the fall. That's all I'll been saying on that…for now. My coping mechanisms and passions have been solid but also shifting ever so slightly in directions, directions that I'm liking. I still haven't done painting since January, however, my passions have been shifting towards sculpture and installation art, along with film. In particular, 35mm film. I'm thinking of doing film, like movies. I'm finding myself more attached to materials and the process of working with them, which is why I'm starting to find myself again in those mediums: sculpture and installation art. Perhaps it's also the physicality. The physicality of things, brutality of the universe. (These things have been said before, but I would like to say them again..)

What started as a coping mechanism to deal with my depression and deepening winter despair has started to manifest itself as a passion and something I'd like to pursue further. I would buy movies on iTunes to watch to make me feel better but also to help me deal with my feelings and identify with certain things within my life and within myself. I'm thinking of pursuing film further, perhaps I'll find myself as a filmmaker someday. I'd like to create bizarre narratives with characters with bizarre and unusual habits inside strange and disturbing worlds. Worlds inhabited with feelings of depression, despair, fatigue, paranoia, dread, and phobia. Among others.

Shout out to Darren Aronofsky, Roman Polanski, Harmony Korine, John Carpenter, David Lynch..

  • Listening to: Mudvayne - (Per)version of a truth
  • Reading: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielwski
  • Drinking: Green Tea
This existence might not be real. And time itself might not be real. But the electrical signals in my brain and the particles in motion, and all the matter that encompasses my sense of touch…has to be real. And these orgasms and kisses and the blood that pours out of my veins…has to be real. And cum, glass, steel, and all the metals that have forged my soul…have to be real, and they all have to be able to be felt with my heart and mind. My mind has to be real.

I'll see that time heals this, and everything in the end, when everything all comes to a close. My current existence is one of a loner or a recluse, at least it feels that way. But I don't have to stay that way, as much as it is romanticized, or as much as I romanticize it.
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Providence
  • Reading: The Thermodynamics of Plastic Deformation


Jonah Asher Feintuck
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

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